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Premium Facebook Pro Free Full Download

"Tap Into The Largest Social Network And Arm Yourself With A List of Targeted Leads!"
Premium Facebook Pro
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What This Amazing Software Does:

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Quickly tap into the ready consumer market on the World's most popular social network, Facebook and gather valuable information with just a click of the mouse!
Establish closer relationships with fans found on Facebook through your Facebook account and friends' list.
Instantly arm yourself with a list of prospects and their contact information who are ready to hear what you have to offer!
This software generates information from your prospects' accounts in seconds allowing you to save time spent on manually researching yourself!
Experience more sales and profits just by marketing to a ready-group of customers from Facebook!
Facebook PRO Software Instructions :
How to install/use product: 
The software was designed to extract names and emails from Facebook friends. This allows generating a lead list in short time.
To use the software:
1. User need to login inside his Facebook account. Application has an embedded browser that will show the Facebook login when open the software.
2. Once logged user need to find friends. This can be done pressing the Find Friends button at the top. Application will freeze a moment since it need to connect with Facebook using a protected protocol, this take just few seconds and a warning message advice user to wait this time.
3. Application will put extracted friend’s data in a list where you can see the Friend Name and the URL of the Facebook Profile.
4. At this point you can select and delete a group of friends before extract emails. I important to know that application save every change automatically. So you can close the tool here and open later and continue at this point extracting emails. You can also start extracting from a particular friend. This is very useful if Facebook banned user for few minutes. You can stop the email extraction process
and continue later.
5. Now is the time to extract. User can choose a random delay before every web request; longer intervals increase your opportunities to bypass Facebook
protections. After choose the delay press the Extract Emails button.
6. Application will be selecting each item and will extract the emails from the Facebook profile.
7. To finish you can export the results to a csv file using the Save Results button.
Have Fun.
May This Software Bring Your Marketing Efforts to A Higher Level! – Owner LWT

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Password For 7z File: FacebookProLWT

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