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DC Data Card/Modem Unlocker Full Version

DC Unlocker
Dc unlocker unlocks many USB modems and phones.enjoy unlocking modem for free of cost you don't have to pay.You Can Unlock All Modem Free By DC Unlocker Cracked Version. No Need to buy Any Credit.
  1. DC unlocker is a program specialized for data card unlocking . 
  2. It is the first universal data card unlocking product worldwide. 
  3. It is fast ( takes 5 - 60 seconds to unlock), easy to use and functional program with clear interface. 
  4. It does not need any cables or adapters for unlocking. The data card can be simply unlocked in the same notebook where a PCMCIA or Express socket exists. 
  5. New models are being added regularly. 
  6. No need to select any COM ports, auto detect function. 
  7. Free updates .

How to Use?
1. Extract the content of the .zip file
2. Once you extracted all the required files, run "dccrap.exe"
DC Unlocker Preview
3. Disconnect to the internet and plug your USB Modem with a different provider SIM. (for Huawei users, you dont need to swap any SIM). And insert your modem to the USB port.

4. Choose your modem manufacturer". (e.g Huawei Datacards or ZTE Datacards)

5. Click the magnifying glass, and it will search for plugged USB modems.
Once the modem is detected, go to login page, type whatever you want. It's just a lame login system.

6. Click Unlocking menu, then choose "unlock".
Wait till the unlocker program says that, unlock is successfully done.
Now, enjoy your unlocked Modem!!

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