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Add to SearchEngine V1.2

This program helps you to register manually your web site to the biggest search engines in the world.
These search engines have inside more than the 90% of the internet sites.
It's very important to add manually these data because it's the most sure way to have
a successful registration.

How to use it?
1) Download  and install it and open the program.

2) click on "configure" button and fill all fields.

3) active your internet connection.

4) click on an "add page" search engine button
- the program opens the browser and loads the
search engine "add url" page-

5) see what kind of information the search engine
    requests and click on the relative "copy" button

6) select the relative field on the page by clicking
    inside it using the left button of the mouse

7) click the right button of the mouse and select "paste".

8) follow the search engine instuctions

9) return to the point 4) to select another search

Note: Virgilio is an italian search engine

Other functions:
"fm"  - (in "less buttons" mode) return to full mode
"hp"   - connect the browser to the relative search engine home page
"open" - open a configuration file from a disk
"save" - save a configuration opened file
"save as"  - save the configuration as a file
"minimize" - reduce the program
 "exit"      - close the program

The ATS.INI file:
This file contains the information about each search engine (name, home page and add page) you can change these data by editing it ("configure" - "edit atse.ini").
Take care to don't change the rows positions.

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